Homemade Ice-Cream Recipe| Biscuit Ice-Cream Recipe

Biscuit ice-cream is a little bit different from a regular ice-cream mixture. For me, this is the easiest ice-cream recipe. You can also call this chocobar. You can make this at home without any difficulty and without fresh cream or without any mold. For a long time, I want to try this recipe because I see that many people use to. So I also eager to try this and share it with more people.

Many times it happens that your children want ice-cream and you avoid it to buy from the market or to make at home because you don’t want to feed your children more fat or creams. If you are a mom then you understand that and it is true. You always looking for something healthy even in ice-cream or pizza recipe. My mom always does this so I definitely well understand. Here the easiest ice-cream recipe which is made with biscuits and without any use of heavy cream.


Homemade Biscuit Ice-Cream

This Biscuit ice-cream is the easiest one and made with only 4 ingredients. You don’t need any churner, ice-cream maker, heavy cream, and not any mold. I am happy that I did this and share it with you. And I am sure that your baby’s loved it. Just follow the direction to make this biscuit ice-cream. Check these delicious recipes too…

Biscuit ice-cream pops

Homemade ice cream is a wonderful treat but most of the ice-cream recipe takes a lot of ingredients. This biscuit ice-cream made with only 4 basic ingredients which are chocolate biscuit, milk, cocoa powder, condensed milk, and melted chocolate for coating. You can make this at home anytime without any hassle.


  • 4 packets (5 rupees) chocolate biscuits (any chocolate biscuit)
  • 3 to 4 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoon condensed milk/2 tablespoon powered sugar
  • 200 to 250 ml chilled milk
  • 60 grams melted chocolate for coating the ice-cream pops
Prep time10 minutes
Freezing timeOvernight
4 popsicles

How to make biscuit ice-cream

Take any 5 rupee or 10 rupee chocolate biscuit packets.

Chocolate biscuits
Chocolate biscuits

Grind it with the help of grinder in fine powder. Or you can also crush them with the help of rolling pin in fine powder.

Biscuit powder
Biscuit powder

Take 3 tablespoon cocoa powder. add 1 tablespoon hot milk and mix it then pour it into biscuit mixture. You can avoid it too.

Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder

Then add condensed milk. Here you can also use powdered sugar in place of condence milk.

Condensed milk
Condensed milk

Add chilled milk.

Chilled milk
Chilled milk

Now again grind it into paste. Add more milk if necessary. Mixture has to be in pouring consistency. Neither too thick, nor too thin.

Biscuit mixture
Biscuit mixture

Then we don’t need any mould. Here we have to use the biscuit packets as mould. Add the mixture in the mold.

In packets

After 3 hours insert ice-cream sticks in these packets. Place these packets in any glass. Keep it in the refrigerator overnight to freeze completely.

Ice-cream sticks

Next day, chop some chocolates. You can avoid this coating step too. It is not necessary.


Melt the chocolate with the help of a double boiler. You can add coconut oil or 3 to 4 tablespoon butter. Do not over heat the chocolate otherwise it forms lump.

Melted chocolate

Then remove the packets from the ice-cream.


And dipped it into melted chocolate. Cover the ice-cream completely. It set in seconds. Place it in refrigerator if you want to store it.


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