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Apple kheer recipe with step by step photos and details. Apple kheer is milk-based kheer cooked with grated Apple. For this recipe, we are using sweet Cripps pink lady apple. This is creamy and melts in your mouth. Kheer is made across all over in India. It is made for different occasions.

Apple kheer
Cripps_Pink lady apple kheer

What is kheer?

India has a wide range of kheer recipes. This Apple kheer is one of them. Basically, a traditional kheer is a combination of milk and rice. You can also know them as rice pudding. The best part of the kheer is its simplicity hence it is so yummy that you can not control yourself to eat a full bowl of creamy pudding.

Apple kheer(Satvik food)

But this Apple kheer or Apple pudding is a little bit different from the traditional one yet it is also flavorful. In this recipe, we are using Apple instead of rice. Or, we all know that the festive season is coming soon. Yes, I am talking about Durga Puja, where most of them are fast ing. So if you are looking for some satvik food then this is perfect for you. Satvik food is that food in which we are not using any kind of grains or onion and garlic. Because in this we used apples which is nutritious and milk has a good source of protein. These all give you the strength to do your fasting well. It is also very nutritious for babies. Scroll down for the full recipe.

Apple kheer

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Tips for making Apple kheer

  1. Always use full-fat milk because it gives a creamy texture to the kheer. Do not use skim milk for any kheer recipe.
  2. Use sweet apples for this Apple kheer. The main ingredient of this kheer is an apple that’s why to use good quality sweet apples.
  3. While adding sugar make sure that adjust them as per your taste or it also depends on the sweetness of the apples.
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  5. Do not mix warm milk and apples together.
  6. Use good quality of Ghee or clarified butter. It gives a nice aroma to the kheer.
  7. Use a little bit of green cardamom for taste. You can also avoid them if you don’t like them.


  • 1 Apple peeled and grated
  • 700 ml milk for 1 apple
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon ghee
  • 1 green cardamom
  • Some nuts chopped
Cooking time1 hour
servings3 bowls

How to make Apple kheer step by step photos.

Take a apple. Wash them and peel the outer skin of the apple.

Peel the outer skin of apple

After that grate them with the help of grater.

Grated ap
Grated apple

Take a pan add 1 tablespoon sugar. Add into grated Apple. Turn on the heat. Cook the apple on medium heat.


After 3 minutes add ghee or clarified butter. And again cook the apples until all water evaporates.

Clarified butter

It takes almost 6 to 7 minutes. Keep aside to cool down.

Water evaporates from apples
Water evaporates

Now, take a saucepan add milk and boil them on medium flame. For about 20 minutes.


Add 1 tablespoon sugar. You can adjust sugar.


Add crushed cardamom. Cook the milk until it gets half in quantity. We want a little bit of thick milk for this kheer. It takes about 40 minutes.

Cardamom powd
Cardamom powder

After that add chopped almonds and cashews. Cook for 2 more minutes. Set aside to cool down completely.

Chopped nuts

Then mix both Apple mixture and milk together. Keep it in the refrigerator for chilling. If your kheer is to thick then add chilled milk into it and adjust the consistency.

Mix them after cooling

Now serve this chilled and creamy Apple kheer. You can serve this either dessert or after any meal.

Apple kheer


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