Lemon Tea ( How To Make Lemon Tea)

Lemon tea is one of my favorite tea which contains vitamin C. Lemon Tea is refreshing in which we add lemon juice, tea powder, sugar, and water. You can make this in black and green tea. Tea is the most common beverage that is made in almost every household and our every morning begins with a cup of tea. There are many varieties of tea like masala Chai, green tea, hibiscus tea, ginger tea, milk tea. You can choose your favorite one.

Lemon tea
Lemon Tea

Just like other, this lemon tea is also prepared with black tea but instead of using milk, here we use lemon juice. You can enjoy this warm or chilled. I like my tea with a lot of ice.

How To Make Lemon Tea?

To make this easy and quick recipe we just need 4 ingredients. Tea powder, water, sugar, salt and lemon juice. You can use green tea instead of black tea. Take a pan boil some water and add salt, sugar and boil until sugar dissolved then add tea powder or leaf. Boil for 1 more minute. Turn off the heat and add lemon juice. Serve either warm or chilled.

Benefits Of Lemon Tea

This helps in weight loss. It keeps you hydrated and also soothes your throat in case of cold and cough. You can add ginger juice into lemon tea because ginger also helps in cold. Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidant which help to clear the skin. It also nurish your skin from pollution. You can check these too…


  • 1 cup water (from any measuring cup)
  • 3 tablespoon sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of tea powder
  • 1/2 Lemon juice
Total time5 minutes


Here, step by step making procedure with photos.

Take a pan and add water. Boil water for 1 minute on medium flame.


Then add salt.


Add sugar. You can adjust sugar as per your taste. Boil until the sugar dissolved in water.


Add tea powder then boil for 1 minute. In this stage you can add crushed ginger too. If you want or you can add honey instead of sugar. If you are looking for weight loss tea then avoid sugar and add a little bit of honey.

Tea powder
Tea Powder

Boil this mixture until it change the colour and look like this.

Tea water
Tea Water

Now turn off the heat and add lemon juice into it. This is ready for serving.

Lemon juice
Lemon Juice
Lemon Tea

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