Ghee, Butter(How To Make Ghee, Butter At Home)

Traditional ghee recipe with step-by-step photos and details. This is the purest form of fat, mostly used in Indian cuisine. Its smoke point is very high and good for cooking and frying. Ghee is also a healthy alternative for oil. Ghee is made with milk fat by simmering it. you can check out new recipes on Home. Ghee is prepared by separating milk solids from the fat by simmering butter. You can use this like tempering on curry, dal. ghee is the soul of Indian cuisine because this is widely used in Indian sweets and savory dishes, like gulab jamun, carrot halwa, semolina halwa, laddu, jalebi, curry, sambhar, etc. I’ll show you an easy and simple way of making ghee at home.


What Is Ghee?

Ghee is an essential part of the Indian kitchen. In this recipe, I’ll show you the full use of the cream. Basically, I don’t make butter at home but I like homemade ghee which is also known as clarified butter. Homemade ghee has a mild aroma and tastes far better than packed ghee. Here I am going to share with you that how, you can make ghee, buttermilk, and one more interesting thing. I know some people think that it is crazy, why we need that because we can buy this. But I want to reuse buttermilk, most of the time we just wasted buttermilk, so rather than wasting, I want to use that buttermilk for making paneer. If you want this recipe to keep reading, on my next blog I’ll show you how to to make paneer with buttermilk. For more recipeHomemade Paneer

How To Make Ghee At Home

Making ghee at home really very simple, I usually collect milk fat in a bowl every day from 1-liter full-fat milk, for 25 to 30 days. Place it in the refrigerator to the fridge. I used this method because in solid form cream maintains its freshness and we don’t want any musty smell in our cream. It is better to fridge it because we want to use buttermilk too. Or if you collect this at room temperature then after 15 days use the cream for making ghee. and with that buttermilk, we don’t reuse that, so just threw that. You can use full cream ( whipping cream) instead of collecting milk fat every day. Or you can use unsalted butter for this. Take a pan and place the butter on low flame, occasionally stir them and when butter changes its color into brown color and milk solids settle down on the bottom then turn off the flame and in clean jar strain ghee, close the lead.

How To Make Ghee Step By Step

For 25 to 30 days, collect cream in any bowl add fridge. when your bowl is full of cream then place outside for 4 to 5 hours or for overnight.


then in a mixture grinder take 2 to 3 big spoon cream and churn for 30 seconds.


after that add 1/2 cup water add again churn for 1 minute or until milk solids separate from water.


then take another bowl and pour all the mixture. repeat this process again and again.


after that take two bowls and separate the butter from the buttermilk. make sure that take out all water from the butter. like squeezing water from butter.


Here, our homemade butter is ready. you can store it in refrigerator for 5 to 6 days. or use the water as buttermilk.



Now butter is ready to cook. turn on the flame and on low flame cook this butter.


it takes almost 25 minutes. keep stirring it because it will froth a lot. give a good stir.

ghee making

Soon the froth evaporates and butter starts to bubble. The milk solids began to settle to the bottom of the pan. or butter changes its color from light yellow to a golden brown.

Now turn off the heat then take a clean stainless steel jar and strain ghee into the jar.


when ghee cools completely then close the lead of the jar or store it in room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Ghee is ready

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