Bhapa pitha | Steamed rice cake

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Shailee Jha
Shailee Jha
Good food is always the best when shared with good friends. I love eating and sharing my recipes with all of you." One can not live well, sleep well, think well, love well if one has not dined well" truly said by Virginia Woolf.

Learn how to make bhapa pitha with step by step photos. Or you can also watch the video. Bhapa pitha is a traditional steamed rice cake that is made with rice flour, water. It is a popular sweet dish from Bangladesh, northeast India, east India. It is considered a winter dish. Because this bhapa pitha is filled with jaggery or coconut that provides heat and energy to our body.


Bhapa pitha is very special for me because it is one of my favorite childhood dishes. And I tasted it at the age of 9, at that time, I even do not know the name of this recipe. Finally, I learned this and share it with you all. Try this warm rice cake in winter’s morning. It is also a great breakfast recipe. It is very healthy.

Ingredients used for bhapa pitha

Rice flour: Use good quality fine rice flour. The taste and texture of this dish depending on the quality of rice flour.

Water: Use a small amount of water at a time. Because we want the crumbly texture. Do not knead the flour-like roti dough.


Fillings: use jaggery or coconut for filling. You can use fresh coconut or dry coconut. If you do not want to add coconut then it’s totally fine.


  • 130 grams of rice flour
  • 110 ml water (as required)
  • A pinch of salt
  • 10 grams of jaggery
  • Some grated coconut( optional)

How to make bhapa pitha?

Take a bowl, add rice flour.

Add salt.


Now, add water and mix it with light hands. Do not knead it. Mix like a cookie dough. Gradually add water.

Prepare the rice crumb. Like it.

Then sieve the rice crumb for finr texture.


it is like that.

Prepare the bhapa pitha

Take a steel sieve. And place the cotton wet cloth over it.


Then take any measuring cup or small bowl.  Fill them half.

Add jiggery or coconut.

Again fill it. And press it a bit.


Now flip it over cloth. Make all of them like this.

Cover it with cloth.

Steaming process


Take a pan add water and boil it on high flame.

Then place the pitha sieve over it and cover it with lead.

Cook the bhapa pitha for 6 minues on high flame. Steaming time depends on your pitha size.


Remove it from steam and it is ready to serve. Serve it warm.


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